Pubg/bgmi 90fps config file download

Friends, if you also want to turn on 90fps in your pubg / bgmi and you are looking for a good config file, then this article is going to be very helpful for you guys because in this article you will find a good 90fps config file . am going to give and using this you can get high quality in your pubg/bgmi very easily i mean to say that you can also enable 90fps in your phone because i know many brothers have have low quality phones and their phone supports very less graphics like their phone shows only low medium or high quality and because of that their phone is very much liked

Pubg/bgmi 90fps config file download

Pubg/bgmi 90fps config file

That’s why I have brought you a confuse file for vegetable and busy MI, which will work well in everyone’s phone, as well as comfortably you can enable 90fps in your Pubg / bgmi and after using this config There will be no effect on your device and your device or phone will play pubg/bgmi very smoothly .

You all must know that whose phone is of low quality, how much that phone sounds and whenever the enemy is in front of him, his phone starts vibrating as if it seems that an earthquake has happened as well as if someone from the surrounding When the car passes, their phone gives a hug, so I have brought you Pubg/bgmi 90fps config file so that you can play vegetable and busy Mi comfortably without any problem and have fun with your friends.

what is pubg/bgmi 90fps config

I know a lot of brothers don’t know what is pubg/bgmi 90fps config file and how it turns on high quality or even 90fps in our phone . Because the graphic setting in Vegeta and BMI is given to us internally and we cannot tamper with it but with the help of config you can easily turn on 90fps on your device and increase your graphic setting to the next level. And I can tell you with certainty that you are going to enjoy a lot after turning on the net.

And friends, Pubg/bgmi is going to run like butter in your phone because this config only shows 90s in your graphic setting and also if your device is of 90hz or 120hz then you can check in fps meter that this confirm you What is the fps so that all of you will be able to know or confirm that what I am about to give you works in absolutely everyone’s phone.

how to download 90fps config

For pubg and bgmi , you can download this file very easily and this confirmed file will be only 5 or 10 MB, then you can imagine how little storage this file will consume and also save your data, you only 5 or You   will be able to download 10 MB pubg/bgmi 90fps config file . To download 90fps config , follow the steps given below so that you can download 90fps config very comfortably and I want to tell you that you can download 90fps config in one click –
First of all you have to give below Click on the link, from there you can download this config
in one click
If you are downloading from room then this file will tell harmful for your phone.
Don’t worry, just download this confusion.

how to apply pubg/bgmi 90fps config

Friends, here you may have a little problem because implementing 90fps config in your phone can be a bit difficult if you want to get high quality in your phone using 90fps config for the first time then there may be a little problem but still I will tell you here to implement 90fps config in a very easy way so that you can apply 90fps config without any problem and all the old people who know what is 90fps config then they can without any problem in this file Apply it on your phone. Follow the below steps carefully to apply
90fps config
– First of all you will get 90fps config from above link The file has to be downloaded,
this file will be in the jeep, then you have to unzip it.
Here you will see a file named active.sav.
You have to stop and you have to go to play store
, you have to download zarchiver file manager from play store. Then you have to copy the file containing that active.saw. Then you have to paste this file there by following the steps given below.

Now you have to turn on your Pubg / bgmi and you have to go to the graphical setting and check whether 90fps is enabled in your device or not, by the way, let me tell you that the network in your phone must have been started with PS guarantee. And you will be able to play pubg very comfortably without any leg, as well as friends, by applying this conf file, you can eliminate the problem of permanent leg
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